Taban buying and selling software


In the buying and selling software, you can easily manage the buying and selling of your business at any time and anywhere. Also, the integration of this software with its accounting has provided ease of accounting for businesses. You can register and manage purchase and sale invoices online. By paying invoice funds online, you can also easily receive the requested amount of invoices from customers. You can also enter purchase conditions such as shipping cost, payment due date and warehouse of each seller's delivery location in the purchase invoice.


The features of this software are:
Definitions include:

  • Types of invoices required
  • Customer definition
  • Product definition
  • Main and sub groups
  • Main and subsidiary units


Operations include:

  • Issuance of sales invoice, issuance of purchase invoice
  • Issuing return invoices from sales, issuing return invoices from purchases
  • The balance of the first period
  • invoice
  • Issuance of group accounting documents for invoices
  • The possibility of converting a pre-invoice to a sales invoice
  • Formulation to calculate the price of each item
  • Product image gallery
  • Display profit of each invoice
  • Definition of commission for each product
  • Calculation of the cost of goods sold


Reports include:

  • Status of persons in invoices
  • Report of purchase and sale of goods
  • Net sales report
  • Report of goods persons
  • Statement of status of persons in invoices
  • Billing of persons
  • Management charts
  • Gross profit report
  • Marketer report
  • Designing reports by the user, including warehouse cards and...