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After-sales service 

We at Taban Believe that our relationship with the customer after the sale of the software will not only be disconnected, but will be the beginning of the service. After each of the taban software is purchased by the customer, the process of installing the software and then training to use it will be done, after which, for a certain period of time (dependent on the contract) the respected customers will be included in the free support service contract.

Improving the standards of support services in each company requires improving the quality of services and human resource management. In order to achieve continuous development and progress, using knowledge-based development patterns should be tried to improve quality management and human resources, and given that management improvement leads to improved productivity, therefore, it provides better use of existing capacities and facilities that will pave the way for optimal supply of goods and services.

With this approach, Taban Company brings together people with different expertise for the support sector and after preparing them during specialized courses has been able to create a strong bridge with customers. 
The support unit's effort is to provide the necessary platform for more complete use of solutions and software facilities for customers.


Training in the use of Taban financial and administrative software is one of the main stages of software implementation in the organization and business. At this stage, Taban Company puts the training of using Taban software on the agenda to all users and officials of using the software who are introduced by the customer.


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