Taban Human Resource Management Software




Human resources management system, by mechanizing processes in the field of human capital, helps to facilitate processes related to personnel such as recruiting and hiring, managing personnel files, managing welfare and medical affairs, training, etc., and by keeping them together to optimize the processes of the organization. It helps that the human resources management system, in an integrated environment and by combining all the elements and information related to the organization's forces, provides management and decision-making to the managers of different units of the organization.


The features of this software are:

Definitions include:

  • Defining the types of organizational posts and creating an organization chart and determining the active chart
  • Definition of organizational unit
  • Range definition
  • Define field
  • Definition of place of service
  • Definition of academic qualifications
  • Definition of academic fields
  • Definition of sentence descriptions
  • Definition of types of leave
  • Definition of types of employment
  • Definition of types of employment status
  • Definition of incentive groups
  • Define the formula for the types of sentence items
  • Formula definition for calculation items
  • Definition of employee employment records
  • And...

Facilities include:

  • The possibility of automatic calculation of rank promotion and automatic calculation of class promotion based on paragraph (h) and paragraph (d) of the executive regulations of the job classification plan
  • The possibility of introducing evaluation courses
  • The possibility of entering salary tables for job and age base, sacrifice, management, employee and job
  • Ability to create all kinds of computing groups
  • The possibility of creating all kinds of judgmental items
  • The possibility of recording the full profile of employees
  • The possibility of registering the details of employees' children
  • The possibility of registering the training courses of employees (educational ID card), the possibility of registering the points of various educational qualifications of employees
  • The possibility of defining the formula for various items based on date
  • The possibility of registering individual and group recruitment decisions based on the registered employment records of personnel
  • The possibility of automatic issuance of orders
  • Ability to automatically calculate the years and experience of each employee
  • The possibility of registering judgments based on the plan of the coordinated system
  • The possibility of recording and maintaining work rules separately for each year
  • The possibility of registering judgments for contract and labor personnel, recording records of documents
  • The possibility of producing personnel legal orders
  • The possibility of sending recruitment orders through the network and file for the salary program
  • The possibility of registering verdicts through an Excel file
  • The possibility of storing electronic files of personnel, advanced search of documents, different types of reports and a dynamic reporting system
  • Software management features
  • It is possible to get the output in Excel, print the order according to the design of the coordinated system plan, report the floor upgrade order
  • The possibility of archiving received circulars
  • Ability to create and receive different types of dynamic reports and dynamic reporting system
  • And...


Notable point :

  • Leave system, definition of types of leave, registration of hourly and daily leave, the possibility of transferring leave balance to the following years and...
  • Electronic filing system for scanning, maintaining and searching personnel files