Treasury accounting



All business operations need to be recorded in accounting software. Registration of documents and control of their discrepancies (cheques, promissory notes, promissory notes), receipt and payment of funds and other operations are the responsibility of the treasurer.

Treasury documents and the information recorded in it can help the users of financial statements in examining the profitability of the organization, the ability of the organization to create and increase cash and, as a result, to recognize the quality of the profit earned by the organization. In addition, financial managers often Formally or informally, they use strategies to evaluate and compare the current and future value of the organization's cash flow.

Taban treasury cloud system using SaaS capability (multi-tenancy) provides information on cash flow (treasury) that can be useful in controlling the accuracy of past assessments and the relationship between the organization's activities and its receipts and payments. is showing.


The features of this software are:
Definitions include:

  • Definition of bank
  • Defining Herbank account numbers along with Shaba numbers
  • Defining and registering all checkbook numbers and using them in the lines related to the account number in the accounting document
  • Definition of check payees

Operations include:

  • Maintaining and controlling bank accounts
  • Issuance and receipt of payable and receivable documents
  • Maintenance of revolving salary and other cash and securities
  • Resolving bank discrepancies
  • Maintaining financial documents and all financial and administrative filing matters
  • Pursuing matters related to bank guarantees and credits
  • Registration of relevant accounting documents
  • Registration of received and paid documents
  • Registration of checks received from accounts
  • Issuance of payment checks according to the payment order
  • Delivery and receipt of payment from the check to the customer
  • Receipt and registration of checks and promissory notes and guarantees of account parties
  • Timely alarms to provide financial resources for issued checks
  • Timing to pay checks to accounts
  • Delivery of guarantee documents to the accounts after obtaining approvals
  • Timing and request to issue a new checkbook
  • Registration of checks and payment documents in the system
  • Providing any related reports and all the matters assigned to the treasury by the company
  • Bank discrepancy systemically through the bank file and manually


Facilities include:

  • The possibility of getting a statement and covering the bank discrepancy separately for each account
  • The possibility of registering received checks
  • The possibility of changing the status of received checks
  • The possibility of mechanized registration of accounting documents in the accounting system
  • The possibility of scanning and attaching files required for bank reconciliation in order to get the file related to Sanama (required by the Organization of Economic and Financial Affairs)
  • The possibility of sending a report letter to the bank for amounts higher than the bank's limit
  • Ability to design and print checks for each bank account separately
  • The possibility of creating an attachment list for each check and searching in attachment lists
  • Ability to search advanced checks and print related reports
  • Ability to create and receive related reports
  • Ability to classify and maintain warranty documents
  • Ability to classify and store checks received from customers
  • The possibility of keeping all financial documents related to the treasury
  • Ability to hold returned checks until refund
  • The possibility of periodically backing up accounting software
  • The possibility of using a checkbook in addition to accounting software
  • The possibility of using the cash book in addition to the accounting software


Reports include:

  • Providing detailed reports of the funds according to the regulations
  • Submitting the report of received and paid checks according to the regulations
  • Providing reports related to outstanding checks based on regulations
  • Providing reports on returned checks according to the regulations
  • Providing reports related to bank accounts according to regulations
  • Providing a report on the company's warranty and documents
  • Preparing and adjusting the bank statement according to the regulations
  • Any reports related to the accountant of the treasury, which have been notified during the instructions