Accrual accounting under Taban Web



In accrual accounting, all transactions and financial events are recognized and recorded in accounting documents at the time of occurrence, regardless of the time of receipt and payment of cash.

In Taban's accrual accounting cloud system, it is possible to quickly access organizational information using SaaS (multi-tenant) functionality. Tasks such as determining income, knowing the amount and value of the organization's assets, and correctly reporting financial activities at the end of each year can be done using this software. Determining the cost price of each project, recording depreciation, controlling the responsibility of the people of an organization, comparing the current situation with the desired situation, checking the uncollected revenues of each financial period and planning for their collection are other capabilities of accrual accounting.


The capabilities of this software include:
Definitions include:

Defining independent accounts
 Defining different vessels such as cost centers, persons, years, etc.
 Defining account groups
Defining an account with different parameters such as assigning to one or more models (forms) and defining the type of account in terms of receipt, payment and balance for use in model reports
Defining the type, status and nature of accounts to group accounts and create the required alerts at the time of document registration


Features include:

  • Ability to register executive agencies with their budgetary code 
  • Possibility of registering different financial periods
  • Ability to register different account levels indefinitely and control account figures
  • Ability to register the program, activity, plan, project and season and use them floating in documents  
  • Possibility of registering credit sources
  • Possibility of registering banks
  • Ability to provide account coding in the form of tree and TREE structure for ease and accuracy in selecting accounts
  • Possibility to use any type of marks, characters and letters in Persian and Latin in coding accounts
  • Possibility of issuing documents using application, plan, project, chapter and sub-chapter in each row floating for each row of document
  • Ability to control accounts that require floating coding by setting up, individually for each account
  • Possibility of registering cheques for each row of documents with letters to the bank and printing and perforation of checks
  • Possibility of registering documents outside of inclusion
  • Possibility of inserting the document with the user's desired number
  • Possibility of registering and displaying documents in three conditions of draft, temporary and definitive
  • Possibility of searching the items of accounting documents to track the check number, bank statement number, bill number and account name, etc. In all accounting documents 
  • Ability to perform advanced searches to facilitate access to accounting document information
  • Possibility of searching different figures and descriptions on accounting document items
  • Possibility of recording and following up the description of documents and description of document items
  • Possibility of filtering and limiting accounting documents
  • Ability to delete documents in groups 
  • Possibility of deleting document rows in groups
  • Ability to insert floaters of a document in groups
  • Possibility of declaring the number of documents missing and the possibility of deleting them and sorting and sriing the document number 
  • Possibility of copying the document and copying of each row of document along with the chapter and program and ...
  • Ability to simultaneously record and display information of different financial periods without having to log out
  • Possibility of synchronizing user-defined accounts with treasury accounts and the possibility of getting reports based on the coding of the Organization of Economic Affairs and Finance
  • Possibility of performing end-of-year operations including closing this year's accounts and opening accounts automatically next year
  • Possibility of registering the user profile of the regulator and the document verifier
  • Ability to communicate with the credit system and register the document automatically
  • Possibility of receiving information from the payroll system, property system and credit system
  • Ability to register accounts in accruals and provide financial statements
  • Possibility of taking the file of claims and liabilities to send Excel to the system of claims and debts
  • Ability to save document as template
  • Possibility of registering the jack number and the date of the jack separately
  • Possibility of intelligent control of senama file based on the latest protocol and display of error rows in each document to correct
  • Possibility of sending information to Taban management accounting system to calculate the cost of operational budgeting
  • The possibility of simplicity of operation, ease and speed in the registration of accounting documents without the need for the mouse and through the keyboard
  • And...


Reports including:

  • Printing documents with document details such as program name, chapter, etc. At a cost and plan, schedule and season, check number 
  • Report accounts for each account group
  • Report the balance of the account group in order of group, total account, specified, etc.
  • The possibility of submitting various financial reports including:​

Newspaper Office


Accounts Offices

Financial Documents

Total test alignment

Special Report on Accounting Models

Designing different reports by the user himself

4-pillar, 6-column and 8-column financial balances by account group

  • Credit budget subtraction reports in accordance with the forms of the General Directorate of Concentration and Integration of Accounts
  • Performance reports in accordance with the forms of the General Directorate of Concentration and Account Integration
  • Financial Statements Reports
  • The existence of consolidated reports
  • Ability to get aggregate reports
  • Monthly Report of Sanama (Required by The Organization of Economic Affairs and Finance)
  • Presentation of the Senate Report (Required by the Supreme Audit Court)
  • Submitting a report on claims and liabilities (required by the Organization of Economic Affairs and Finance)
  •  Access all accounting reports through one form with the possibility of applying different restrictions
  • Reporting based on plan, season, project, plan, cost centers in part and in general
  •  Applying various restrictions such as date, document number, account level and account headings on different financial reports
  • Getting balance reports at different levels of account and floating in a single and aggregate manner
  • Creating and getting dynamic reports depending on the needs of the organization
  • Save different templates for each report
  • Profit and loss reports, balance sheets, cash flow
  • Printing transfers for accounting documents
  • Send reports in Word, Excel, XML, Pdf, etc.
  • And...

Czech printing system includes:

  • Possibility of defining the bank
  • Defining the account numbers of each bank with sheba number
  • Registration and definition of all check category numbers and their use in rows related to account number in accounting document
  • Ability to define czech recipients
  • Banking conflict systemically through bank file and manually
  • The possibility of getting a small face and banking conflict veneer separately from each account
  • Possibility of scanning and attaching the required banking conflict files to get the file related to Sanama (required by the Organization of Economic Affairs and Finance)
  • Report letter to the bank for amounts above the bank's permissible limit
  • Possibility of designing and printing cheques for each bank account separately
  • Ability to create attachment lists for each check and search in attachment lists
  • Possibility of advanced search checks and printing related reports
  • Possibility of creating and getting dynamic reports
  • And...