Accounting of Taban mines



According to the urgent need of the country's mines for a comprehensive software to record the input and output information of the mines and the process of weighing and loading and receiving and paying the issued invoices and finally the automatic registration of accounting documents, in 2013 it prepared a comprehensive accounting package and salaries and wages of mines and by gaining useful experience in the field of mining affairs, is ready to cooperate with mines all over the country.


The features of this software are:

Definitions include:

  • Definition of car types based on the type of license plate and weight - the ability to connect to a license plate reader camera
  • Definition of types of bills in cash-non-cash form and internal weighing
  • Definition of printing bills according to the desired format of the standard department


Facilities include:

  • The possibility of issuing invoices fully automatically
  • Ability to print the status report
  • The possibility of printing bills officially and unofficially
  • It is possible to obtain complete information about the machine and automatically calculate the weight from the scale and determine the net weight and record it in the accounting document
  • Ability to display the net weight and product type on the display located on top of the scale
  • It is possible to display and save photos from the front and back of the scale and car and register license plates
  • It is possible to display and save photos of the car load and the system operator
  • The possibility of issuing invoices and registering documents automatically at the end of each day
  • Ability to receive and pay checks
  • The possibility of taking a photo of the check and saving it in the system
  • Ability to operate on received checks and register documents automatically
  • Ability to receive and pay checks - Ability to take a photo of the check and save it around the invoice and automatically register the document at the end of each day
  • Heading of checks
  • Ability to receive and pay cash and automatically register accounting documents
  • Equipped with the salary system of mining employees and the system of setting various documents and reports
  • And...


Reports included:

  • Printing official and unofficial invoices (standard)
  • All kinds of reports for management and operator use
  • All kinds of warehouse reports
  • Types of treasury reports
  • Types of accounting reports