Taban web property management



Property and fixed assets are an important part of any organization's capital; Registering, monitoring, controlling and tracking property in any business is part of the requirements of managers to maintain, maintain, exit, replace and prevent waste of costs in organizations. The requirement for these items is especially seen in companies and institutions related to the government; Because the prepared list of property and fixed assets should be the same as their inventory. On the one hand, it is important to provide proper insurance coverage, control the transfer of assets, calculate depreciation and know their latest status.

Taban's property managment cloud system using SaaS (multi-tenant) capability provides the proper facilities regarding the proper control and management of assets. Also, the connection of property software with warehousing software and control of property inventories in each warehouse is one of the prominent features of this Taban property software. This software is based on the latest changes of the Treasury and provides organizations with the possibility of preparing files for the Treasury.


The features of this software are:

The definitions are:

  • Definition of wealth
  • Definition of property status
  • Definition of documents
  • Definition of types of depreciation
  • Definition of different organizations
  • Defining different units for each organization
  • Definition of personnel
  • Definition of country
  • Defining types of insurance and specifying insurance for property
  • Define image documents and store property images for each property
  • And ...


Operations include:

  • Property entry operation
  • Performing transactions and registering receipts and remittances automatically
  • Automatic property numbering operation
  • Operations of receipt types:
    • Trust property receipt operation
    • The operation of transferable property has arrived
    • The operation of returning trust property to the organization
    • Operation of transferable property from state-owned companies
    • The operation of returning property from the unit to the warehouse
    • Operations related to the entry of immovable property and related reports
  • Operations of remittance types:

    • Remittance of trust property to other institutions
    • Property transfer free of charge
    • Trust transfer property
    • Sale of property
    • Removal of unsaleable property
    • had an accident
    • It is possible to register all kinds of requests, including the free transfer of property
    • trust transfer
    • damaged property,
    • Removal of unsaleable property
    • Foreclosed property
    • Selling property and...
  • The operations related to the requests in the Taban property and warehouse system are in the form of a process, and each request is systematically approved by the relevant authorities, and then the process related to each request, including the preparation of a diskette for obtaining a treasury license, registration of tracking code and exit It is done by the system. Also, when the goods leave the remittance system and the corresponding accounting document, they are registered automatically.
  • Depreciation calculation operation automatically and article 151 report with great speed


Facilities include:

  • The possibility of calculating property depreciation and registering its accounting document
  • The possibility of year-end accounting operations on property such as opening and closing
  • Ability to define administrative procedures dynamically
  • The possibility of defining the cities in the system and entering the users of the cities into the system, in which case each city will only have access to the information of its own city.
  • The possibility of recording and saving the movement of assets from the beginning of logging into the system and archiving the recorded operations for each asset

Property reports include:

  • turnover
  • List of property delivered to organizations, units, individuals and rooms
  • The list of types of requests in general or based on the properties available in each request
  • List of loaned and borrowed goods
  • The ability to create and receive dynamic reports
  • Features such as user definition and setting access levels for different users
  • In Taban's property and warehouse system, all accounting documents are registered automatically and there is no need to register accounting separately.
  • And ...