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The system of salaries and wages influenced by the management of civil services, with features such as covering all types of laws and regulations (laws) of government organizations, integration approach, supporting various calculations and detailed reporting, etc., fulfills the needs of organizations in the field of personnel rights and benefits. Therefore, this system by covering all the above cases and removing the complexities, special considerations in this field and providing reports on the performance of employees, plays a prominent role in the targeted management and cultivation of human capital and the advancement of organizational goals.

Taban's payroll cloud system uses SaaS (multi-tenancy) capability and allows you to implement the salaries of several general offices in one software, and each office has full access to its information and is a senior user. able to extract relevant summary reports from all departments and apply work policies to them.Community Verified icon


The features of this software are:
Definitions include:

  • Definition of organizational post
  • Defining the place of service and defining the city (Taban's salary and salary system has the ability to centralize the salaries of the cities of an office in such a way that all parts of this system can work in two separate ways, general and city.)
  • Definition of social security branch workshops
  • Definition of organizational chart of the department
  • Definition of tax groups and ... definition of banks (setting several different bank account numbers for each personnel)
  • Unlimited definition of deductions and additions
  • Definition of payment and classification of types of payments
  • Definition of credit programs
  • Definition of stocks (funds and automatic balance maintenance) and loans, definition of banks, definition of turns and payment categories
  • Definition of multiple recruitment orders and filing of orders for each employee, definition of mission for employees
  • Defining users and determining the access level for its different parts
  • There is no minimum and maximum limit on the amount of credit charging

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Operations include:

  • Calculation of the difference between orders and debts and the difference of overtime
  • Adjusting calculations by calculation groups (academic faculty, civil service, labor law, soldier, retired, etc.)
  • Performing group operations (to simplify and speed up users' work)
  • Adjustment of order items for each type of employment
  • Setting system constants such as tax settings, life insurance settings, supplementary insurance settings
  • Settings related to employees' order items, settings related to employee mission calculation, settings related to employee savings and...
  • Adjustment of calculation formulas such as overtime, tax, pension, first month's provision, bonus for disadvantaged areas, salary deficit, etc.
  • Salary calculation in general and individually without monthly limit
  • Creation and calculation of employee overtime, creation of non-employee holidays, holidays and various types of bonuses such as Article 41 bonus, bonus for deprived areas and required bonuses
  • The possibility of reporting separately
  • Setting up special formulas for deductions, additions and other payments
  • Calculation of the difference between orders and debt automatically
  • Calculation of overtime difference and mission difference manually and automatically
  • Performing automatic operations (to simplify and speed up the work of users)
  • Receive orders from the recruitment program
  • Sending salary information to the accounting system and registering the salary document automatically
  • 24/7 internet support with high security
  • Automatic calculation of differences by registering new orders or existing orders in the system
  • And ...


Features include:

  • The possibility of preparing all kinds of files, such as the payment file of all kinds of banks (central, national, national, export, trade, housing and agriculture, cooperative development, etc.), savings, all kinds of insurance, all kinds of loans, Eid, money request For Eid, salary
  • The possibility of preparing the difference of rulings in the new treasury format
  • Ability to create an output file for the tax office
  • The possibility of combining several payment requests in the form of a payment request and preparing its file
  • The possibility of creating files related to employment administrative organization and pension organization for employees
  • The possibility of creating a csv file related to the pension organization for retirees and employees
  • The possibility of preparing the file required for the Army's precious system for conscripts
  • Ability to display optimized system records (there is a history of changes in each form)
  • Ability to track the history of changes in each form separately
  • Ability to create and calculate employee overtime
  • The possibility of creating employee benefits, holidays and different types of bonuses such as Article 50 bonuses, bonuses for deprived areas and years of service
  • The possibility of calculating the mission (calculation of the right to drive, bad weather, travel expenses and adjustment included in the mission and how to calculate the mission for each type of calculation group)
  • The possibility of creating formulas based on all employee items and job selection orders in the program according to the needs of the device (for example, for years, insurance, bonus, etc.)
  • The possibility of communicating with the attendance device and using people's entry and exit information
  • The possibility of sending SMS of rights and demands through the SMS system
  • The possibility of connecting salaries and wages with Taban's SMS system to send payments to each employee
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Reports include:

  • Preparation of different types of reports required by the system and all types of documents and representatives related to salary, overtime, bonus, difference in orders, mission, ban, Eid, etc. in general and by city.
  • Preparation of reports by calculation group, service city, employee group, organizational department, etc.
  • General reporting of all subsystems in an integrated manner
  • Preparation of payment request for salary, difference and Eid (including summaries and list of payment request)
  • Testing and controlling the treasury file and troubleshooting it
  • Preparation report of all kinds of discrepancies and...
  • Obtaining dynamic reports and periodical reports of each personnel
  • Preparation of all reports in excel, pdf and ..
  • And...

Files :

  • such as the payment file of all kinds of banks (national, nation, export, trade, housing, etc.), savings, all kinds of insurances, all kinds of loans, Eid, request for money for Eid, salaries
  • The difference between the rulings and the new treasury format
  • Create an output file for the tax office
  • Combining several payment requests in the form of a payment request and preparing its file
  • And...

Internet phishing includes:

  • Sending employee information on the website by device code
  • Sending rights parametrically
  • Sending demands such as overtime, bonus, difference of orders, mission, holiday separately
  • The possibility of online receipt using username and password for each person and printing the receipt
  • The possibility of managing site information by the system administrator using username and password
  • The possibility of registering email and mobile phone by every employee to send salary SMS
  • And ...

Notable point :

  • Using the website to place salary slips and leave of employees with security facilities
  • The ability to send SMS payments to each employee through the payroll program