Scale software



The scale is the main bottleneck for the entry of raw materials and the exit of products in an industrial complex. In order to speed up their activities and provide better services, these collections use Baskol software in the process of warehousing, sales, accounting, etc. Baskol software, after installation and setup, can be easily provided to the users to easily control the entry and exit of vehicles and even the unloading areas by defining the basic information, determining the users, access level and identifying the parties of the desired accounts. Easily specify the exact load and type of equipment with the license plate number and all car card information.

Considering the urgent need of the country's industries for a scale software to record input and output information and the steps of weighing and loading and receiving and paying issued invoices and finally the automatic registration of accounting documents, Taban Company has prepared a comprehensive scale accounting package and with experience Mofid is ready to cooperate with applicants from all over the country.


The definitions are:

  • Definition of car types based on the type of license plate and weight - the ability to connect to a license plate reader camera
  • Definition of types of bills in cash-non-cash form and internal weighing
  • Definition of printing bills according to the desired format of the standard department


Facilities include:

  • The possibility of issuing invoices fully automatically
  • Ability to print the status report
  • The possibility of printing bills officially and unofficially
  • It is possible to obtain complete information about the machine and automatically calculate the weight from the scale and determine the net weight and record it in the accounting document
  • Ability to display the net weight and product type on the display located on top of the scale
  • It is possible to display and save photos from the front and back of the scale and car and register license plates
  • It is possible to display and save photos of the car load and the system operator
  • The possibility of issuing invoices and registering documents automatically at the end of each day
  • Ability to receive and pay checks
  • The possibility of taking a photo of the check and saving it in the system
  • The possibility of operating on received checks and registering documents automatically and issuing checks
  • Ability to receive and pay cash and automatically register accounting documents
  • Equipped with the salary system of mining employees and the system of setting various documents and reports
  • And...