Taban web warehouse management



Taban warehouse management cloud system using SaaS (multi-tenant) feature, a suitable solution for entering, exiting, maintaining and providing coherent and timely information and reports on the inventory of goods under the control of executive bodies, government companies and government universities, etc. in a number of ways And it is Riyal.

In the government warehouse software, you can easily manage the processes related to the order of goods, receipt of goods, intra-organizational transfers of goods, changes of goods, precise placement of goods and their technical characteristics, delivery of goods to relevant departments of the organization based on registered requests for consumption, sale and issuing documents. Cover accounting and... In this solution, the operation of stock management and the operation of closing the financial year can be done completely in the form of a number and Rial.

Therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor the state of assets. On the one hand, it is important to provide appropriate insurance coverage, control the transfer of assets, calculate depreciation and know their latest status. Also, the connection of property software with warehousing software and control of property inventories in each warehouse is one of the prominent features of this Taban warehouse software.


The features of this software are:

Definitions include:

  • Define and create fiscal year
  • User definition
  • Defining access levels for each user and each page separately
  • Definition of signature and position for prints and reports
  • Definition of unit and warehouse
  • Defining the product group and assigning the product to the defined groups


Operations include:

  • Login operation
  • Performing transactions and registering receipts and remittances automatically
  • Automatic numbering operation
  • The operations related to the requests in the Taban property and warehouse system are in the form of a process, and each request is systematically approved by the relevant authorities, and then the process related to each request, including the preparation of a diskette to obtain a treasury license, registration of tracking code and The product is removed from the system. Also, when the goods leave the remittance system and the corresponding accounting document, they are registered automatically.
  • Depreciation calculation operation automatically and article 151 report with great speed

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Facilities include:

  • The possibility of calculating the depreciation of goods and registering its accounting document
  • Possibility of issuing and printing goods receipt (warehouse receipt) and goods exit (warehouse order)
  • The possibility of registering the information of the goods entered into the warehouse through the form of entering the goods into the warehouse
  • It is possible to register the information of the goods taken out of the warehouse through the form of goods leaving the warehouse
  • The possibility of printing invoices, receipts and remittances for goods and warehouse
  • The possibility of automatic and manual control of receipt and remittance numbers to avoid possible problems
  • The possibility of registering and editing the details of goods, warehouses and account parties
  • Ability to search product information based on a part of the product name, product code and model
  • The possibility of knowing the point of ordering the goods
  • Ability to define administrative procedures dynamically
  • The possibility of defining the cities in the system and entering the users of the cities into the system, in which case each city will only have access to the information of its own city.
  • The possibility of recording and saving the circulation of goods from the beginning of logging into the system and archiving the recorded operations for each product


Warehouse reports include:

  • Warehouse card report
  • Warehouse inventory report
  • Circulation report of goods available in the warehouse
  • Annual purchase report
  • Report of imported goods, exported goods, repair goods and goods returned to the warehouse
  • Trust goods report