Taban processing system



He is responsible for providing and purchasing goods and services requested by different parts of the organization. Therefore, it should be able to create an effective communication between the processing staff, managers and employees and employees of the organization on the one hand, and on the other hand, with the contractors and suppliers and companies of the contracting party, according to the extent of most organizations and the increasing requests of employees. . Due to the large volume of work in this sector, it is inevitable to use new technologies and software automation systems that can meet the needs of procurement and processing. Therefore, Taban Engineering Group has designed the processing software with the following features to facilitate the work of processors. and implemented.

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The features of this system are:

Facilities include:

  • Ability to manage requests for goods and services electronically
  • The ability to manage all types of requests for goods or services with the ability to send electronically to manage processing
  • The possibility of electronic receipt of goods or service requests by the procurement and processing manager and performing verification and remittance procedures for the service unit and warehouse
  • The possibility of registering request confirmations in a process
  • The ability to manage the purchase request, following the related product request and the ability to track it
  • It is possible to record the full details of the goods and record the goods receipt separately for each warehouse
  • The possibility of registering a product request for each unit
  • The possibility of registering a remittance for each unit after obtaining the requested property
  • It is possible to register the information of different cities with the level of access of each city to the warehouse and belongings of the same city
  • And ...

Reports include:

  • Product request report with advanced search capability
  • The ability to print receipts and remittances in multiple copies
  • Report of the goods of each unit or each person
  • The ability to create and receive dynamic reports
  • And...